Taking Opportunity from Coco Rope for Sale and Making Aesthetic Craft

coco rope for sale

Coco rope for sale – Coconut is known as the tree of a thousand nutrients. Most parts of this tree can be used for different purposes. Including coconut fiber has economic value. Coir can be used to make ropes, brooms, crafts, and sieves for fertilizers or growing media. In Indonesia, coir is sold at a price of Rs. 3000 for each kilogram.

Usually, the coconut fiber used for crafts comes from old coconut shells. Indeed, old coconuts have a thicker and stronger coconut fiber. The reason coir can be processed is due to the content of coir and coconut powder. These two materials are the main materials for coir crafts. However, before being made into handicrafts, coir goes through a process of cleaning and so on to make it look better.

Nothing is missing from the coconut tree

Moreover, the proverb once said that “life should be like a coconut, every part of the coconut tree can be useful to many people”.

This can be interpreted as anything produced by the coconut tree can be used, i.e.:

  • Fruit: Coconut pulp and juice can be eaten, processed into food, etc.
  • Tree trunk: The building material for houses, sometimes bridges, etc.
  • Sheets: Can be used for making steps, parlor tiles, crafts, and more.
  • Flowers: they can be used to make hats or bags, as well as for traditional medicine.
  • Seashell: Can be used to craft charcoal crafts.
  • This part also includes coir, so it can be used as an aesthetic coir craft.

The reason is that it can not only be made into aesthetic and functional coir crafts but also can be used by businesses that can generate income.

Also, some aesthetically pleasing handicrafts made from coconut fiber are now in great demand and appreciation. Indeed, what makes the coir fiber handicrafts in high demand, and some of them have high prices? Even if it is only made of coconut fiber?

  1. Coir has a strong structure which makes it strong and durable when used in crafts.
  2. The color of the coir is brown, so it gives a natural effect.
  3. Rustic, natural, and vintage themes are emerging these days, so coir crafts are perfect to use as a decorative theme.
  4. Resistant to degradation by sea water.

The following is an aesthetically valuable craft that can be made with coconut fiber. Let’s discover together these 5 aesthetic and functional creations in coconut fiber.

There are five coconut fiber crafts | coco rope for sale

1. A coconut fiber rope
2. Coir mat
3. Coir broom
4. Saucepan
5. Door decoration ring

Well, these are aesthetic and functional coir crafts. This coco rope for sale, in addition to being used alone, can also be used commercially, especially for those who prefer vintage and rustic styles. You can sell coir crafts that have been used as decorations. Mention starting a business to give coir gifts as this trend is aimed at young couples.

Raw coir is also readily available and cheap. So you just need to buy other additives and show your creativity.