Six Steps to Have a Clean Carpet in Your Home

If you plan to increase the durability of all carpets in your home, you should understand how to maintain and clean this carpet regularly. Regular carpet cleaning procedure is useful to help you improve the overall durability of the carpet. You can start cleaning your carpet from your home now. This page is going to show you six steps to have a clean carpet in your home. It should not be difficult for you to follow these simple tips below. These six steps to a cleaner carpet come from the guys at VTMobile Carpet Cleaning in Humble, Texas – if you live around the area, be sure to check them out. 

1. Vacuum your carpet regularly

Vacuuming your carpet is the simplest method for you to keep your carpet clean. You have to understand about how to vacuum all carpets that are available in your home regularly. When you vacuum your carpet, you can remove any impurities from your carpet, for example, hair, dust, dirt, paper, and many other unwanted materials quickly. If you plan to complete this step easily, you need to buy the best vacuum cleaner that comes with many useful features.

It is also important for you to maintain your vacuum cleaner. You need to keep your vacuum cleaning unit in good condition, so you can remove all unwanted items from your carpet quickly. It is a good idea for you to do some maintenance procedures for taking care of your vacuum cleaner properly. Don’t forget to replace all damaged filters and renew brushes in your vacuum cleaner so that you can improve the performance of this device.

2. Remove stains immediately

When you spill any beverages or other liquid to your carpet, you are going to leave some stains on your carpet. You need to find the best way to remove all stains on your carpet as soon as possible, to maintain the carpet quality. You can soak up any liquid spills by using clean towel or paper towel. You should never rub the spills before you cover them with a clean towel. The towel is going to absorb all liquid from your carpet, to prevent further damage to your carpet.

You can combine warm water and mild liquid soap for creating the best carpet cleaning solution for your carpet. You can apply this solution on the spills for removing any colored stains from the carpet. You can use a white towel for applying the liquid soap on the carpet surface. Repeat the process frequently for removing all stains from the carpet easily. After all stains are removed, you can apply white vinegar for restoring the carpet condition effectively.

3. Apply baking soda to remove odor from your carpet

Applying baking soda to your carpet is another effective way that you can use to maintain your carpet easily. You can use baking soda powder for removing all unwanted odors that may occur on your carpet. Baking soda is very effective to hide all bad odors of any substances, including carpet surface. Because of this reason, this ingredient is commonly used in any carpet deodorizers and also fresheners that are available on the market now.

If you plan to complete this procedure, you can simply sprinkle the baking soda powder on the carpet surface. You need to let it stand on your carpet surface for about 15 – 30 minutes. After this procedure is done, you can remove all baking soda powder from your carpet by vacuuming your carpet surface properly.

4. Steam clean your carpet

It is very important for you to do this procedure, especially if you need to maintain the carpet quality. Steam cleaning is believed to be a great method for you to increase the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning procedure. You can use steam cleaning device for removing all unwanted dirt or dust from your carpet quickly. You will never have to use detergent when you use this simple procedure.

When you are planning to start using this method, you need to combine white vinegar and water. The combination of both ingredients can assist you in removing any types of dirt from your carpet quickly. Then, you can use this solution for steam cleaning your carpet completely. Don’t forget to dry your carpet completely by opening all windows or using several fans in your room. This drying process is very important to prevent the growth of mold on your carpet.

5. Use hydrogen peroxide for removing stubborn stains

If you are unable to remove all stubborn stains on your carpet, you can consider using this ingredient now. This ingredient can remove stubborn stains, for example, ink, mold spots, and many other unwanted stains from the carpet quickly. You can apply this powerful ingredient on your carpet, so you can keep your carpet neat and clean. You can use a white towel for applying this ingredient to your carpet.

You also have to know that hydrogen peroxide can cause some negative effects on your carpet. It can be harsh for certain types of carpets that are available on the market. You may want to combine this hydrogen peroxide with water, so you can reduce any negative effects from this solution. You can repeat the procedure regularly, so you can have clean carpet in your home easily and quickly.

6. Hire professional carpet cleaning service

You have to take this step when you are unable to remove any stains or unwanted impurities from the carpet completely. You can hire your favorite cleaning service company today. This service can help you keep your carpet clean and need. There are many advantages that you can get from this service. You can save a lot of time and money by hiring this cleaning service today. 

You also have to compare some available carpet cleaning companies, to check their services, reputation, prices, and other important details. Some companies can provide a free quotation for all customers, so you can manage your budget for cleaning your carpet easily. It can be the right time for you to contact your favorite carpet cleaning service company, to book your appointment based on your available schedule now.

Small-Home Renovation Case Study with Andrew Thompson

Hey everyone, this is Andrew with Pressure Washing Sugar Land Services, and I recently had the opportunity to look at a beautiful home by a dear friend of mine. For some odd reason she wanted to be excluded out of the interview, so I’ll bring to you some of the photos we captured in the process.

Their house was bought in 2005; their first son arrived in 2006 and 3 ½ years later their second son arrived. The house quickly started becoming quite small. In the end, we decided to add an addition to the back of the house. The whole houses were printed in white, but she lived in color at work every day. She loves coming home to something clean, and colors that create a nice backdrop at home.

Home Living Room
The living room was important to her to add space. It’s the first room you see when you walk in. The sofa they have is in a beautiful blue Nordic velvet and has the right amount of grey. The pillows added that extra head of color within that space. The Turkish rugs were found online at carpet gallery. Her sister insisted that she try them at home, and she found them to be perfect.
Several years ago she purchased the hectic Harry type unit on the right side of the mantle, and it has been living in my parents house for a few years. I think where it lives now is perfect because it’s special paradox with the table. The table adds a perfect hit of traditional to the room, and she believes that’s what was almost missing.
For the front window, it gets an amazing lighting in the house, and she didn’t want to block with having two panels, so she decided to add shudders on the lower half. Because we’re elevated they didn’t need the privacy of the full space. It’s ideal to work with Canadian Customs shudders because they were able to custom spray them to match their trim.

dining room architecture
It was important to have a banquet in their dining room. The storage is perfect as they didn’t have cabinetry in their kitchen. Serving pieces, linens, handles are all stored within the units in the banquet. The fabric is she had in her files for quite some time. It’s perfect for the space because it is indoor/outdoor fabric so if any spills happen it is easy clean up.
The light was found at the door store, and she fell in love with it because it has a beautiful patina, and the light bulbs have a faceted finish to them which is a lovely architectural touch. In the house originally they had a wall that separated the living room, kitchen, and dining room. By opening up the space they could add an island, which allowed them to entertain, cook, and all be in the same space together.

She wanted to keep a clean, simple pallet for the kitchen. She picked white ceramic tiles; the counters are all white, and the kitchen cabinets are all white. The kitchen cabinets are from IKEA. To break up the white within the kitchen, she added brass hardware from Lee Valley on all the cabinetry. She also added a collar faucet to the sink – she loves how that black stands on its own in the island.
Working with IKEA installation services they added different elements, so the island ended up being covered in marble. It’s beautiful in the sense that it has this strong gain to it. On the outer cabinetry, she used hem on for the surfaces around the range. It’s a key that can hold up to pots and pans, massive cooking.
She upgraded to a five burner range, and this burn range is perfect because it is simple in design, but it also gives them all the elements they wanted. Just about the range they added a top filler, and they decided on a chrome filler to work with the range.

main room for their home
Leading down the hall they have the bedroom. Because the back of the house is quite modern, they have those rooms to address. They decided to install a 30 ceiling drape. They decided to go with a natural lemon fabric, and it adds a soft touch to the room, and it works well with the soft pink rug and the blue greys within the space.
On the other side of the window, they have a full wall of packs unites. Their installation services modified the packs units to fit in the entire spaces, so they look custom. Her husband and her have her entire closet, and all of their belongings are in those two units, so it’s perfect.
The finishing touch was the light. They saw the feature that’s is on their friend’s French publication, and as soon as she saw the lights she said she had to have one of those in her house. She loves the brass, the little accents on the light, and the scale of it is a little unexpected.

oldest son's bedroom
So then beside their room they have their first son’s room. The room was designed based on the two beds bundled up against each other. The great thing about these beds is they have storage underneath. She loves the mix of the beds and the bedding. The hits of the classic blankets are just beautiful with the green hint.
For an extra pop, they brought in the yellow chair, and then to finish it off Navy/Cream stripe fabric – a beautiful fabric.

Second son
Their son’s room is the only one that’s painted out throughout the entire house. She loves pavilion grey. A few years back they used this natural curiosity octopus print, and she framed it out. The son loves it; it’s a great element to the space. On the other side of the bed, there’s this little space with a dressed and a collage of the top to display with special lighting. They decided not to add non-suite in the whole project.

It was key for her that the finishing touches to the main bathroom were classic and long lasting. The marble tile was an amazing choice. She added the detail of the chair rail that went throughout the whole entire space. It just adds that little bit of a traditional look. She made the design by using very contemporary fixtures for the sinks, and for the tub. However, she selected a more traditional design for the toilet. She didn’t have to have an exact match.
When she designed the house, she kept in mind that she designed the house for THEM and not for resale value. It’s a space that they can grow into, but once the children move out they plan on looking on far ahead. The house is still a decent size and perfect for them to retire in.

If you want to learn more about Andrew go to Angie’s List for his power washing services.